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Work Placement at JPDS

I am doing a work placement at a small design company in Wrexham, on the industrial estate, here is a little about them taken from there website;

“JPDS is a leading and innovative graphic design company. We provide public institutions and multinational and regional clients with graphic design services. Our core services include: Corporate and Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brochure Design & Product Catalogues, Company Profiles/Literature, Product Labelling & Packaging Design, Merchandising & In Store Graphics, Exhibition Graphics, Advertising & Marketing, Newsletters, Leaflet Design, Website Design and Digital Photography. Established in 1999, we have built a loyal client base that welcomes our partnership approach and high level of creativity. Our team has experience with virtually every business and public institution sector giving us the experience to meet your creative, cost and schedule requirements, while achieving your communication and sales objectives. We welcome the most diverse and complex creative communication challenges. JPDS, Communicating by Creative Thinking!”

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Creative Futures


Monday 1st March 


The first speaker of the day was Kathryn Halloway from Promofix ( She started her own marketing business at just the age of 22. She gave a talk about her business and also gave us some advice on job interviews.

Some notes taken:

WORK – Quest 88 limited 

Standing therapy cycling – tricycles 

What we should know:

Being Creative:

  •  Is a talent
  • Design is all around us-so the opportunities are endless
  • Use your ideas in a practical why – adapt to clients needs
  •  Be passionate
  •  Get out there and understand how businesss’s work
  •  Print process’s
  •  Pricing structures
  •  Expectations 

She talked about business social networks  – LINKEDIN and BUSINESS LINK

She talked about what she had learnt in her career:

  •  learn to sell
  •  Don’t devalue your work & style
  •  Do you want to be a freelancer or in employment 
  •  Be yourself
  •  It is hard work – but it’s worth it.

Second speaker  11.30 – 12.15

Garry Greenwood Venture Wles ltd – Business Plan 



    • Business idea / background
    • Business details
    • Legal status
    • Owner / management details
    • Product / service details

    Business idea

    Description of product/service 

    • Technical specifications
    • Features and benefits
    • Unique selling points – smart car unique from any other, can park anywhere 
    • Design
    • Packaging
    • Future development plans

    Market & Marketing 

    • Social networking LINKED IN
    • Advertising
    • TV Adverts
    • Customers / target market – narrow down not to broad

    Proprietory Position

    • Trademarks 
    • Patents
    • Copyright
    • Design registration
    • Intellectual property rights



    • Premises
    • Equipment
    • Suppliers
    • People/staff
    • Production processes
    • Systems & procedures
    • Legal aspects
    • Health & safety
    • Quality control


    • Portfolio & photographs

    Financial data & forecast 

    • Detail of costs, prices and volumes
    • Funding requirements
    • Sources of finance
    • Cash flow forecast
    • Profit & loss account
    • Balance sheet.

    Executive Summary

    • Most important
    • Put it right at the front
    • Gives a snapshot of whole business plan
    • Should include

                   -purpose of the plan 

                   – financial summery

                   – obstacles you wish to overcome

    Following Garry was a Case study by Vicky Reynolds 

    12.15- 1.00pm 

    She talked about setting up her own business and how she got there, she worked in schools doing ceramic classes with children whilst at home working on her own unique ceramic work. 

    After luch we had talks from Tracy Simpson and Shona Hambleton. Tracy talked about how to apply for grants and shona talked about taxes and bookkeeping. 

    Wednesday 3 march

    Joe Matthews – How to get a foothold in film and tv.

    Joe Matthews started his career with no qualifications, he started as a tea man in film company. He then started to work for the bbc and 5 yrs later got promoted to assistant editor then another 5 to be promoted to editor. He left then bbc and went into freelancing he worked on documentaries and dramas. ( Bedlam Doc)

    How to get a career

    • work experience – got something to offer them

    Second talk I went  to was by Nathalie Tayton, this talk was about commercial storyboards

    For a 30sec commercial you will need to draw 20-25 frames.

    To become storyboard artist

    • life drawing skills
    • observational drawing
    • drawing movie shots
    • drawing from memory

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    Roses Awards

    Two of my fiends entered the roses awards and where invited to the awards night i went along with them it was held in Manchester my fiend Emily won the save pubs brief and was offered a two week placement at Elmwood.

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    Entyce Student Design Awards

    Friday 19th March

    I was unable to attend the awards evening held in chester, here is my entry packaging for the GOODLIFE frozen foods.

    Two of my university friends entered the competition at went to the awards one of them won the packaging brief  here is a photo taken from the night.

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    D&AD Liverpool Seminar


    Wednesday 4th november

    10am – The first talk was by Fergal Kilroy, he is the student awards Manager for the D&AD Awards. He talked about what they look for in a design entry such as most be good idea and stuck to the brief and to think about the client and if it meets there needs.

    2nd talk- Andy Sandoz from Work Club

    Some notes taken from talk

    -creativity – originality and appropriateness

    Quotes from Andy

    “the ability to make unexpected connections.”

    “making such unexpected connections relies on the ability.”

    -4 steps he works to when approaching a brief:

    1. INSIGHT -business objectives in brief

    2. AUDIENCE – Who you talking to?

    3. TECHNOLOGY – What can you do?

    4. ADVERTISING – not always the answer.


    11.45am – 12.45pm


    Speaker IAN THOMPSON

    He is creative director at Thompson Brand Partners.

    Notes taken:

    -Regional Head of DBA

    -you must design effectively to get the best jobs.

    case studies- effective design

    henry blofield, John blofield

    “Look. I have loads of fucking land and no fucking cash.The estate that I am about to inherit hasn’t made money in years and we are slowly going broke. We need your help to make some bloody money.”

    Ian Thompson talked about the BeWilDerwood brief – The curious treehouse Adventure

    .successful brief from start to finish

    Here are some points that as an employer  Ian would look for from a graduate employe:

    1. An insatiable desire to learn – learn fast

    2. Freshness – skills, skills, skills. -Dreamweaver.

    3. An idea of what you can bring to them not the other way round.

    4. A willingness to work.

    5. No fear of doing the boring stuff for a while.

    6. An outline understanding of why people pay us to do this.

    7. You talk about the world – not just the design world.

    8. You read.

    9. You demonstrate a real interest in the ‘brief’.

    10. You show you are self-sufficient.

    11. You ask questions about the bussiness.

    12. You talk about audiences or markets.

    Portfolios- high presentation quality, tells a story/narrative and shows the process (where you started and ended up).


    Micheal Wolff

    D&AD President’s Lecture


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    PaPeR tYpOgRaPhY

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